Cannabis is a complex plant and contains several hundred compounds. While many of these have specific healing attributes, it is believed that when combined, the therapeutic impact of the whole plant is greater than its single-molecule parts. This is called the Entourage Effect and it is the foundational principle of our company culture.

Here at Farm, we align our belief in the Entourage Effect by taking a four pillars approach to wellness. In our creation of this program, we were inspired by the Endocannabinoid System.  This system is present throughout the entire body and contributes to enhancing or improving the body’s ability to self-regulate.  However, sometimes the body needs a little help to find balance.  We believe that you can address this by taking a cannabis-accompanied, four pillars approach.

To encourage this culture, we have a special form of engagement called theFarm Grant.  We want to offer as much creative freedom to our team as possible and do so by providing funding for small projects that align with our pillars of wellness.  So far, staff projects have sponsored bee hives, bottled our own cannabis-infused honey, contributed to a community garden, started a cannabis newsletter, built a first-responder harm reduction program and produced strain music mixes for dreamy highs…

Physical Wellness

Often considered the most obvious form of health, we approach this pillar as a vehicle to encourage preventative care. This means acknowledging and recognizing boundaries, setting healthy limits and self-managing to develop positive routines.  It also means management benefits (!!) and healthy initiatives like running club.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness exists on a spectrum and can fluctuate up and down over time. We aim to foster an environment that reduces stigma in order to provide peer-based resources for each individual to develop their own ways of managing well-being and finding balance.  We provide access to community gardening and bee keeping too!

social Wellness

Farm believes in service-based engagement and building new relationships around a shared love and respect for cannabis. The first step to wellness is finding a supportive community and knowing that you are not alone.  Social opportunities include volunteering, book club, staff parties, narcan training and Farm Grants!

Career Wellness

We’re looking for individuals with a personal growth mentality who thrive on change. Our model encourages skills and knowledge sharing over a flatter organizational structure so this means lots of opportunity for mentorship, feedback and education.  We encourage peer lead workshops and community-based experiences.