How to Find a Doctor?

Tune in weekly while we explore frequently asked cannabis questions!

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For Staff: How to answer difficult questions that often straddle the lens of medical and recreational

  • What’s the difference between medical and recreational?
  • Think someone could benefit from some medical support in their cannabis practise?  Where do you send someone?
  • How to respond when someone asks for medical advice?
  • Are there insurance options available?
  • How are Farm’s prices determined?  What is compassionate pricing?

Flyer Text:

  • Think you may benefit from a medical approach to cannabis consumption?
  • Farm offers a range of prices and over 50 strains to appeal to the many unique preferences of guests
  • Not finding the quality of medical attention that you need? Feel your doctor doesn’t understand the nuances of your personal cannabis practise?
  • Contact MCRCI: Canada’s leading resource centre for patients wishing to become licensed for Medical Marijuana

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Farm is interested in educating the public on "the new normal"

What IS normal?

We want to find out and that includes YOU!

It’s not often that we experience a cultural shift like the legalization of cannabis.  Guiding the public to understand how this will affect them requires cannabis leaders to be ambassadors to “a new normal”.  For reference, think about all the bad etiquette that came with cell phones and social media. Now imagine legal and unregulated public cannabis consumption – yikes!

What can we do?

We can agree upon a shared Code of Conduct and produce a culture that is balanced across our Four Pillars of Wellness.  This offers us as a team (as well as the public!) a foundation to reference for what legal, recreational cannabis could look like.  On top of this, we can continue to develop our unique and special cannabis practises knowing that we are grounded in a shared set of values.

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